Culture Statement

Customer Service
Good customer service is vital to our team. We believe that we should treat other people the way that we would like to be treated and appreciate them giving us a chance to prove our ability to help them.  

We are very dependable. We believe that being dependable is a part of our character and what makes us valuable to anyone that knows us. 

A job that is done half-way is a job that isn’t done. It is important that we complete any job we do in a way that we can be proud of the work that we have done. We feel proud to show our work to anyone even with our peers. 

If we make a promise, we will do everything in our power to fulfil that promise. If we cannot fulfil that promise we will immediately communicate with the person that we made the promise to with valid reasons that we cannot fulfil our promise meanwhile offering what we can do instead. 

We always will act and dress as a professional. This has a reflection what on our company image appears to be for our customers and makes our customers feel that we take our job seriously. 

We always give respect to our customers, listening closely to their needs and issues to provide the best service that we can for them. The very least that we can give anyone is respect, it doesn’t cost anything and goes a long way toward a healthy relationship. 

We protect any information given by a customer to our company in confidence. We will not share this information with other customers and will protect the information as if it was top secret or our own.

We believe that it is important to act as a team to be able to provide better service and more skills to the customer. We believe that with teamwork great things can be done with less effort. 

We have understanding when a customer calls and is frantic. The situation they have may be important to them but seem small to us. We must treat all customers with understanding in what situations they are dealing with and be able to understand them so that we can provide the best service to them at the time. Understanding builds customer rapport and make the customer feel that they can depend on us. 

We believe that bringing value to our customers by not only being understanding, dependable and knowledgeable is what builds our business. Value is a very important part of being a vendor for a customer. Value isn’t always measured in money. We must bring VALUE!