About Us

Since 1980, Milestone Computer Solutions has been providing Technology Consulting & IT solutions to customers. We truly believe in delivering solutions – not just software or services. We also believe in doing it with excellence, value, and integrity. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to our customers to understand their unique needs, working with them as partners throughout the process, and providing the training and ongoing support necessary to ensure success.


Experienced Technology Consultants working to achieve maximum results.

Our Team

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Thomas Swaney CEO, Senior Software Engineer
Thomas has been the the CEO/President of Milestone Computer Solutions, LLC. since 2007. He has been a software and network engineer since 1998.
Alisha Potts Administrative Assistant
Alisha is a very important person to our company. Alisha handles many important task such as billing, customer service, scheduling and marketing.

Our Culture

Customer Service


We believe that we should treat other people the way we would like to be treated and appreciate the chance to prove our ability to help.



We believe that being dependable is a part of our character and is what makes us valuable to anyone that knows us.



A job that is done half-way is a job that isn’t done. It is important that we complete any job we do in a way we can be proud of.



If we make a promise, we will do everything in our power to fulfill that promise. If we cannot, we will immediately communicate and offer an alternative.



We always will act and dress professionally. This has a reflection of our work and makes our customers feel that we take our job seriously.



We always give respect to our customers, listening closely to their needs and issues to provide the best service that we can for them.



We protect any information given to us by a customer in confidence and will protect that information as we would our own.



We believe that it is important to be able to provide better service to the customer by acting as a team. We believe that with teamwork great things can be done with less effort.



We must treat all customers with understanding in any situation so that we can provide our best service to them.



Value isn’t always measured in money. We believe that bringing value to our customers by being understanding, dependable and knowledgeable is what builds our business.



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