Hybrid Solutions for Microsoft Access Applications

Many businesses have custom applications built in Microsoft Access that need to be maintained or updated, but don’t always need to be rebuilt in a modern framework. Over the last 40 years Milestone has developed and supported applications in older frameworks like Microsoft Access and Visual Fox Pro, and modern frameworks like React.js, Node.js, SQL, and MongoDB.

We offer hybrid solutions that allow businesses to add modern functionality to their existing legacy databases without a complete rebuild.

A hybrid solution can add mobile and web connectivity to your existing Microsoft Access Database, allowing you to read and write to your existing application through a web app without the added cost of rebuilding your existing solution.

Since a hybrid solution is built separately from your existing database it can be done with little to no impact on your current production database.

Other Microsoft Access Services

  • Generate and scan barcodes to update inventory in your database
  • Update older .mdb Access Database to .accdb
  • Automatically create file folders, save reports, and send emails
  • Connecting Access frontend to SQL database or other data sources
  • User permission controls
  • Business logic to reduce data entry errors