Security for Virtual School in 2020


Virtual school is becoming a reality for many families in 2020, and keeping students safe online is a concern for many parents. Below are a few tools that can help. Unfortunately there are work-arounds for many of these tools, but these will certainly help avoid some unwanted activity.

Windows 10 Parental Controls

Search “Family Options” in Windows 10 to see parental controls including limiting website access for the Microsoft Edge browser, and weekly activity reports. It’s important to note that only web activity on the Edge browser can be controlled with this option. There is also screen time limiting functionality.

Safe Search Settings

Turn on safe search for Google Bing search engines. This can be locked & require a password to turn off.

Open DNS

Open DNS is an open source tool provides content filtering at the network level. This requires more advanced setup, but can cover all devices in your home and offers phishing protection and content filtering.

Parental Control Software like Qusodio

Qusodio is one of several paid software options. There is a free version for monitoring and web filtering on a single device.