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Writing Off Major Purchases for 2020

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Chances are your business had to invest in laptops, remote work software, webcams, VPNs, and more to adapt to working remotely in 2020. Even if you haven’t, now might be a good time to make those investments. Thanks to Section 179 Deduction businesses can deduct the full amount of hardware and software purchases (up to […]

Managed Services

What is Managed Services and does it make sense for your business?

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Managed services is a proactive approach to technology for businesses. The classic approach for small businesses would be to pay someone to setup your network and get their recommendations for software, hardware, antivirus, backups, or do it yourself. Then, once everything is setup, treat it like you would any other appliance –when something breaks, get […]

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Outhouse IT

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5 Reasons To Use External Tech Support 1. Your Time Is Valuable: Your time is best spent on your business. If you are managing your backups, updates, and network, that is taking away time that can be focused on building your business and doing what you do best. 2.The Real Cost Of Downtime: Every minute lost due […]


Security for Virtual School in 2020

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Virtual school is becoming a reality for many families in 2020, and keeping students safe online is a concern for many parents. Below are a few tools that can help. Unfortunately there are work-arounds for many of these tools, but these will certainly help avoid some unwanted activity. Windows 10 Parental Controls Search “Family Options” in Windows […]